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Do your Bachelor or Master degree study in France!

Study in France - Bilberk Travel Agency

Are you interested in studying in abroad? Want to do your Bachelor or Master's Degree study in France?

If going to France to study is one of your many dreams, then you are at the right place and at the right time! 

First of all, it is expedient to talk about the application dates and deadline. The picture attached right above gives more information on how it works. 

Admission to France is based on a national level, first, you need to know if your country is part of the nations that could use Campus France or the E-candidate platform.  

According to the campus France, which is the national platform put in place by the French ministry of education to help prospective students get help in the procedure.

Despite the fact that Campus France exists, students are getting lost in the process. This is because it’s a new environment, and sending tons of mail to the Campus France office is not really a thing you could rely on. For this reason, Bilberk Travel Agency is here to help students get help in a case whereby they need admission and couldn’t get it, and also we help them with the visa support.

France is a big country, and because of that, getting a visa could be a bit challenging especially when you have no one in the country to help you. We are here to help you through the whole process!.


Things you need to know to be able to study in France.

  • The tuition fee ranges from 170 -250  depending on the program and the degree you want to do.
  •  Admission is not only made on campus France or Etude en France platforms (always verify to know which one applies to you)
  • when you get your admission, you have to start looking for a house as soon as possible.
  • To be able to get a house, you need to have a guarantor

When all these documents are ready you can then apply for a visa.


Visa Requirements for student

  • Passport

  • School certificates 

  • Invitation letter 

  • Bank statement

  • Insurance (3 months)

  • Hostel attestation (accommodation if other) (you need France house insurance and also have to pay a deposit of 100 for place reservation)

  • Visa form 

  • Visa Fee

checklist before and after getting your visa

congratulations on your visa! having gotten your visa,  you still need to do some few things before you leave.  Before your arrival, there are also some other things that you have to do such as:

  • Translation of your document (birth certificate).

  • Covid test.

  • Flight ticket Purchase.

Check Bilberk Travel Agency Travel pre-departure checklist Click here

After arrival:

  • Validate the visa (3 months after the issue of Visa).

  • Pay tuition fee + CVEC (to get your student card).

  • Pay hostel fee.

  • Apply for Caf.

  • Apply for Ameli student assurance Maladie.

  • Get a bus ticket. 

  • Get a bank account.

Bilberk Travel Agency offers Admission and Visa support to students. We have an office in France, so we are one of the best plugs you need for your Travel to France goal! 


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