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Study In Romania For International Students

Want to Study Foundational Course, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate Degree in Romania?

We have got a special offer for you, 2022/2023 Romania admission in-take is on!

Bilberk Travel Agency being an official Representative, Having affiliations with Romanian Universities with us you have the chance to study in Romania and also enjoy low tuition privilege. Romania has a wide range of sophisticated programs that you can choose from, right from  (Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate). Diplomas obtained in Romania are recognized all over Europe and of course are recognized by other European Union Members and every other countries Outside Europe.

Universities have courses in English Language allowing English speakers to further their education in Romania.  

Foreign Students are legally permitted to work. Furthermore, when it comes to the standard of living, you can get housing, foods, clothes at a cheaper rate. With your visa and permit you can as well invite your next of kin for holiday in Romania. 

Things you need to know about studying in Romania.

  • This process starts by you submitting your documents to us for evaluation, this  service is Free.
  • We make application for you in less then a week  after all your documents have been completed.
  •  For the next 15 days your document is sent to the ministry of education, after which an acceptance letter is issued.
  • The tuition fee ranges from 2200 -2700 euro, depending on the program and university.
  • Accommodation is provided by the institution or by our service.
  • When all these documents are ready you can then apply for a visa. 100% visa guaranteed

Visa Requirements for student

The following are documents needed to obtain visa from the Romania Embassy in your country.

  • Passport
  • School certificates 
  • Invitation letter by the Embassy, visa form and visa fee
  • Acceptance letter by the institution, prove of tuition fee and proof of accommodation or Hostel attestation
  • Bank statement
  • Insurance at least  (3 months)

When already within the borders of Romania it is mandatory to change you visa to residence permit within the first month.

Bilberk Travel Agency offers Admission and Visa support to students. We are official representative of Universities in Romania. Therefore, success rate is 100%.


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