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 Wish to start a new life in Europe? 

  • We help you integrate into the European educational system
  • We study your file and sign you up for the NON-European student scholarship
  • We check your eligibility for a Tuition-free University 

Build your career now! Do you know that getting admission into European universities today gives you a chance to study in Canada, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries be it in Europe or outside Europe through the ERASMUS student exchange program?  Get a chance to tour around 18 European union countries by applying for your master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany etc. With us your chances are magnanimous!


Popular Destinations

Study in France
Bienvenue à Paris! apply for your Bachelor and Master's in France with fees ranging from 170 euros.
Study in Canada
Get a Canadian degree with the government funding all through your study process..
Study in Belguim
Enjoy a low-tuition privilege offered by the Universities in Belgium.
Study in Germany
Study in Germany for free. We will help you through the DAAD scholarship procedure..
Study in Italy
Yes! you can study in Italy for free. we will help you through the admission process...
Study in Greece
Work and study in Greece and also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ancient Athens.
Study in UK
Apply for scholarship to UK! with a scholarship, your visa process is sure!
Study in Cyprus
Tired of the visa application process? Study in Cyprus and travel without visa.
Study in Belarus
Fast track application with a 100% visa acceptance. Don't miss out!

Study abroad with Bilberk Travel Agency 

In summary, Bilberk Travel Agency help with the whole process. Additionally, France, Belgium, Spain, Austria Romania and Italy are offering scholarships to African students for the next academic year. University promotes international mobility by offering grants to undergraduate and master’s students who wish to study or work abroad. Many of these grants have early deadlines, so get informed as soon as possible by contacting Bilberk Travel Agency to know which scholarship works best for you! 


Interested in scholarship or tuition free Universities?

Additional Services

Flight Booking

We offer Flight booking service, Hotel reservations, Bus reservation services to students and also tourist for their visa application. To do that, register and start booking! the booking is free for students registered with us!

Student Visa processing

Needless to say, obtaining a student visa is one of the most frightening moment while planning to study abroad an could be sometimes nerve-wrecking. We offer 100% support throughout the visa process.

Airport Pick-Up

Other services we offer is Airport Pick-up service to students or workers on arrival from the port of entry to their various place of residence and we offer adaptation survival help to new arrivals settling down successfully.

Residence Permit support

Most importantly, Validation of your visa is very important in the first few days of arrival. It could be very frustrating to gather all these paper works and get it all done. This is where we intervene!

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